Our vision and mission is to relieve suffering and empower people to heal themselves.

With these intentions in our hearts, minds, and hands, our work is focused on bringing  awareness of our energies through the Five Element System. By understanding our energies and the patterns, we empower people like you to work directly, transmuting and healing energetic, emotional and physical challenges and internal imbalances. 

We recommend food, herbs, and subtle energetic practices to heal our three bodies (spirit, energy, and physical). To ease the imbalance of the subtle energies we lead meditation and various methods of cultivating awareness practices.


Teachers and Mentors


Master Hyunoong Sunim

Hyunoong Sunim, Zen Buddhist monk and Chinese herbalist has developed  over the past 30 years. Combining his years of intensive meditation practices with studies of Chinese herbology, Five Elements, I Ching, the Korean system of Body Character Medicine ("Sahsang").

M. Grace Pattugalan-Jones

Grace has a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese medicine. She is a certified Death Doula and Five Element Astrologer. She is a certified Chinese and Western Herbalist and Medical Intuitive, Aromatherapist and Reiki Master.  Trained in various healing modalities, Shamanism, Cranial Sacral, NLP, and Healing Touch.  She leads meditation and facilitates rituals and is a faculty member and teacher at the School for Medicine Earth. She is a Transformational and Relationship Coach. As  a minister, she officiates Rites of Initiation and Ceremonies: Baby Naming,  Birth, Bridal Blessing Ways, Weddings, and Cord Cutting, Unknotting, and Eulogies.  She is dedicated to cultivating the healing and spiritual arts and sharing them to support sanity, joy, true freedom and love as a path to liberation.