As much as possible I offer my work and service as a gift, a gift from me to you.  I put it online without a pay wall of any kind. My events are generally by donation as well, and online course contributions are self-determined at the time you register for each. I also keep the site clean of advertising. (I feel that advertising suggests "In the end, this is all about making money," and implants wariness and resistance in the reader.)

This means we rely on voluntary financial support to maintain this site and my work, healing, coaching, and personal guided meditation work.  If you have the financial means, your recurring gift or one-time donation (using the form below) is welcome. 

Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations help us plan long term, giving us an idea of what resources we will have to work with. We greatly appreciate them!

Note from the team: Your recurring donation is a resource that allows us to keep Charles doing the work we all want him doing: thinking, speaking, writing, rather than worrying about the business details..

One-Time Gifts

Your gift helps us maintain the site, offer tech support, and run our online programs and events by donation. Anything you contribute supports not only me, my family, and my team, but people worldwide who might not be able to participate if we required a fee. Thank you for being part of the proof-of-concept for the gift model of business..

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