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Understanding our inner landscapes:


We believe are a microcosm of the universe. We are nature, as we are made of the same principles that create and govern nature and its phases. The qualities, forces, and energy that manifests as elements in nature and in our environment are also living us within our bodies, creating our unique energetic and physical landscapes within and how we relate. 
Remembering our true nature and, in that, we are connected, is our first step in our healing, our bodies, our energies, and our environment, which is inseparable.

In our society, we have become dependent on experts and pills to address every health and emotional concern, believing the answer, the cure is outside of ourselves. There are experts in the field of medicine and healing from shamans, doctors, curanderos, energy workers that can address and support health and healing, but there are some things within your life where healing can only come from within you. How else would you know your capacity to heal and the power of your being unless you were not given the opportunity to discover it? If you realize this truth and would like insight, tools, and support in this process of healing your life, you are  right where you need to be. We are here to support and empower the healer from within through our unique work which is a culmination of Five Element system, intuitive medicine, energy work, and practical practices, exercises, diet and nutrition from various traditional spiritual and wisdom traditions of Daoism, Buddhism, Christian Mysticism, creating truly a "core curriculum" for our lives.   It is  time to embrace our embodiment and our capacity to heal ourselves. Our services support your understanding of your own unique energetic make up and pattern and unravel the lessons, virtues, and gifts carefully encoded in your energetic

 It is these elements, more accurately known as phases and transitions, are what is in flux in all things inner and all things outer; inseparable, dynamically moving creating the field of physical matter, even the perception of time through changes that it creates.  
By doing an Energy Analysis reading, this allows you to have a more clear picture of your internal energies and how they function. (To find out more information about Five Element theory  (click here) During your Energy Analysis Reading, we will delve into your energetic structure of how you are and what you feel and do is largely influenced by your elements and patterns.  We will look at how your view and orientation of the world, your emotions, your personality, your body type, as well as the state of your health, going through each organ and its lesson and virtue as an aspect of your energy body, as we cultivate true embodiment of a human, integrity in the spirit, energetic structure, and physical body. 

Through knowing how to decipher the five elements  in context of the Five Element structure of heavenly branches and earthly stem columns in the chart,  we are able to discern which elements are strong, and which needs strengthening, or balancing to bring integral health. 

As we are nature, we are made of the same principles that create nature and its phases and seasons.  The qualities, forces, and energy that manifests as elements in our environment is also living us within our bodies, mimicking the seasons.  As we are unique with different entry points of life that is according to our birth time and when we birthed ourselves into being with our first inhalation, we then birthed a certain season "body constitution or body landscape" within. As we live, our body constitution remains relatively the same as a foundation; however, it may be influenced by the elements outside, situations, and lifestyle.  It is important to know our body landscape so that we can understand what our body, mind, and energy needs to thrive and tools and resources available to synergize naturally for its healing. Since we are nature, we are made of nature, nature is our medicine.

As in the practice of Traditional Chinese Astrology, we believe that our first inhalation after birth encapsulated the elements present in our environment within us, creating our internal landscape. This internal landscape continues to dynamically flow creating energetic patterns. As these energies flow, they can influence the molding of our view, our personality, our body constitution, our health, and our state of being. 

Spring as Inner Landscape


summer landscape

FALL inner landscape


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  • The Body's Constitution Seasonal inner Landscape as Winter Type:


  • The Winter Type person holds the patterns of that of winter.  They get cold easily. They usually have a cold and wet spleen (Earth element) causing sluggishness throughout the entire body. The body has a slower metabolism and is overly sensitive to cold. It cannot tolerate foods and environments that are cold and moist energies. Their Water element (Kidneys), being predominant during winter, is also the strongest of the organs in the body, making the lower body more robust than the upper body. 

Traditionally, a winter person is called Lesser Yin, Shaoyin, or Soeumin.  They are described in the following ways:

  • Weak upper body with large lower body; Walks with body bent forward

  • Prudent and kind

  • Realist 

  • Anxious

  • Passive and feminine, indolent; Introvert; Lacks drive to start things

  • Meticulous, pessimistic; Jealous and envious about someone else’s body

  • Gentle, quiet and mild-mannered introvert 

winter landscape