Personal Energy Analysis Service

Energy Analysis Service includes

1..) 1.5 hour Five Element Reading 

2.) Five Element  Document

3.) Food Categories Document with other supporting and relevant documents for your body type, suggesting ways to promote better health for your Body constitution and energetic structure and patterns.

4.) Recording of our Reading

Are you ready to see your inner landscape and access your

medicine from within?













It is time to embrace our embodiment and capacity to heal ourselves. The personal energy analysis supports your understanding of your unique energetic make up to unravel the lessons, virtues, and gifts carefully encoded in your energetic structure.


Through the traditional Chinese five element system, Korean Sa Sang body constitution principles, and medical intuition, we fuse our years work of study into one personalized chart reading designed to help you work directly with your unique energetic structures.This system is likened to an Astrology reading except we use the Five Elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire) as a basis of our practice instead of the stars, planets, and nodes.


Through understanding the inner workings of the elements, we can then observe direct imbalances at the emotional, mental, and physical level. In recognizing their patterns we resolve them directly. Rather than just focusing on symptoms of an issue, we endeavor to support healing at the core.  During the reading we will provide recommendations for nutrition, exercise, healing protocols and tools to support integral health emotionally, energetically, and physically.

Support healing of what is not aligned with your nature. Access and empower your gifts. Embody your wholeness. Embrace your unique self.





















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When booking our consultation, please schedule 2 weeks out from the date of submitting your request. We will need 2 weeks to complete your analysis before sharing  our findings and our recommendations with you.


 After scheduling, you will be guided to our donation page. After gifting us with the donation you like to give us., you will be lead to a confirmation page.

Voila!  we will meet for 1 .5 hours for our meeting where we go over your Five Element Energy Analysis Chart. 



Please schedule your consultation time. This is the time we will discuss our findings regarding your Five Element Chart, detailing the expressions of the elements through...
Personal Energy Analysis
1 hr 30 min
Starting at $200

We each have our gifts to uncover, our medicine

uniquely ours to discover.  

What's yours? 

This service offers a sliding scale. Minimum investment of $180.