Personalized Elixir 



Ode to Gaia, and her natural kingdoms of flowers, plants, and minerals and for the angelic, devic, elementals, and humans that caretake their precious existence.  

In this work, we connect with your allies of the natural world to co create an elixir that is both exacting and all encompassing nourishment for your soul and its evolution in fulfilling its destiny in this lifetime.  With their guidance and patience,  I assist with my knowledge, and skill of essential oil, perfumery, herbalism, mineral therapy, and sacred geometry to co create your very personal and subtly potent elixir.  It is a pure blessing and honor that I am allowed to do this work with the flowers, plants, and mineral kingdoms and with you.


We invite you to meet your allies in the natural kingdoms.

Flowers, plants and minerals synergistically work together to heal many physical health issues and emotional imbalances, such as depression, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, and traumas held in the energetic body.   We will look into how a personalized elixir can support your healing process, life challenges, and life's journey. I believe we all have allies in the flower, plant and mineral kingdom.  This is a journey of reconnecting and remembering how we are all interconnected and how together we heal. They are our resilient allies in healing the delicate balance of our energetic and emotional system. Like quiet and gentle tendrils of love, they traverse the most circuitous pathways and seeping into unreachable corners of our soul embracing  to heal our deepest, silent wounds and our most intimate of heart aches.



If you would like to order a personal elixir and meet your plant and flower allies, please click below on "Order " It will guide you to a questionnaire. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you would like a personal elixir. 

Click the button "Order"  below  to start the process.   It will guide you to another page, please fill out the questionnaire, letting us know why you would like a personalized elixir. 


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Select a time on our booking to meet at least  2 weeks from the date you submitted your request.  We will meet for about 45 minutes. During our meeting, we will  share our discoveries about your plant and/or  flower allies. and the various ways you can use your elixir. After booking, our session, , follow the prompt to complete your payment and to submit your order. 



Voila! we will send you your personalized elixir.  After receiving your elixir, We will meet for about 45 minutes.. During our meeting, we will  share our discoveries about your plant and/or  flower allies..Please allow about 2 weeks to complete this whole process from your submission to our sending you your personal elixir.  Thank you!


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