Forgiveness one of our core practices. Forgiveness Practice for the New Year 2020!



Here is a simple Forgiveness Practice 

This is a practice we want to share with you, a practice of forgiveness that has allowed us to stay aligned with our vision of our lives. We hope that this share will support you in healing and letting go of the past and creating the life you have been envisioning in your heart.



I’m sorry, Please forgive me, thank you, I love you… I forgive you for...



I release all magics, bindings, spells

All those I cast with pain and rage

Pride of ego I now quell:

Invoke the Light and wake the sage


Unbind the bindings wrapped on me

Dredge the well and find the key

Unwrap the wrappings, life on life

That tied me to my long-held strife


By Oak and Ash, Redwood and Thorn

I journey to where this was born

And pull it out like any weed

Uproot the root and crush the seed


I let the wound that was denied

Flow and weep, unstaunched, untied

I offer blood unto the earth

And pray transform it for rebirth


I arrogantly thought I knew

Our separateness, and spoke it true

I bow my head and bend my knee

Please forgive me, now I see


Asking Forgiveness

Invoking a procession of all beings we’ve interacted with through each of the circles of our lives, we ask for forgiveness and we forgive all things.  Invoke their presence then make the following statements. After each statement wait for the feeling of response. Do this three times for each person/being.


I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

Offering forgiveness

Every time I experienced this myself, and for… I forgive you. I forgive you completely.




What’s done is done

It’s in the past

I choose, release,

Complete at last.


I draw three circles in the sand,

Extend my hands into the sky

Within the center where I stand

Request the Light down from on high


Fill me with this waterfall

Cleansing what was clenched and tight

Show me now forgiving's strength

With grace and love, unbound and bright


Release, forgive, unbind, and open

Awaken whole what once was broken

By hidden power of three times three

It is time now to be free


So mote it be



Forever and ever amen

We dedicate our practice for the love, freedom, and joy for all.



A comprehensive forgiveness practice

We suggest to to this forgivenss practice with  a qualified teacher, therapist, or guide and done every 7 years starting from age 21. 

Releasing and Clearing Questions:

Remember, when answering these questions, when any strong emotions or physical sensations come up, or if any of the sensations become too overwhelming, simply pause and perform the Clearing Exercise posted below the questionnaire.


Building a Foundation

On a piece of paper, write down and answer the following questions

1.)   When do I benefit myself the most?

2.)   When do I benefit others the most?

3.)   When do I benefit both others and myself the most?

4.)   Who are you as “ Resolve” (i.e., what are you really made of)?

5.)   Who are you as your Most Secret Name?

6.)   If you were to die within two weeks, what would you reget not having done?

7.)   Where are you in Body, Speech, and Mind, in Relating from your Most Secret Name, and Resolve to yourself, others, and the world?


Relationships with Family

Next, take a different sheet of paper, and for each family member ( one per page) ask the following questions about this individual:

1.)   What did they do to you?

2.)   What did you do to them?

3.)   What did they deny you?

4.)   What did you deny them?

5.)   What did they do for you?

6.)   What did you do for them?


Then get another sheet of paper and asks yourself the following questions:

1.)   Who or What am I afraid of now?

2.)   Who or what do I want to control now?

3.)   Whose approval do I want now?

4.)   Whose love do I want now?

5.)   What do I want to prove or disprove now?

6.)   Am I insecure now?

7.)   Who or what do I want to avoid or hide from now?

8.)   Who or what do I want o be separated from now?

9.)   What’s the worst thing that can happen to me now?

10.)                  Who or what am I resisting now?

11.)                  Can I let go of protecting myself with fear?

12.)                  Can I let go of the need to figure it out?

13.)                  Can I let go of the need to fix it?

14.)                  Can I admit that it did not turn out the way I wanted it to ?

15.)                  What people places or things do I want more than Freedom?

16.)                  What experiences do I want more than Freedom?

17.)                  Do I feel like I am lacking or avoiding Love?


Relationships with Old Lovers

Next, take a different sheet of paper and for each old lover ( one per page) ask the following questions about this individual:

1.)   What is the worst fear surround that relationship?

2.)   What are the physical sensations surrounding these feelings?

3.)   What are the “thought-words” surrounding these feelings?

4.)   What are the “pictures and ideas” surrounding these feelings?

5.)   What am I avoiding or hiding from?

6.)   What am I trying to prove?

7.)   What am I trying to disprove?

8.)   What am I afraid of?


Next take a different sheet of paper and for each of the same  old lovers (one per page) ask the following questions about this individual:

1.)   Could I allow them to be in the past?

2.)   Could I allow them to leave me and be gone?

3.)   Could I allow them to move on?

4.)   Could I allow myself to move on?

5.)   Could I allow myself to never see them again?

6.)   Could I allow it to be totally finished?

7.)   Could. I allow myself to forge this person?

8.)   Could I allow this person to forget me?

9.)   Can I let go of it even if it did not work out the way I wanted it to?


Relationships with Old Traumas

Next Take a different sheet of paper and make a list of all your past traumatic and energetically “stuck” experiences: This should include all of the times that you felt:

1.)   Rejection

2.)   Abandonment

3.)   Betrayal

4.)   Loss

5.)   Fighting

6.)   Etc..


Relationships with Old Traumas

1.)   Next take a different sheet of paper and make a list of all the people who you displayed a Dr. Jekyll and Mr, Hyde personality. For example, all of the people who you thought were one way and suddenly changed on you; resulting in feelings of both shock and betrayal.

2.)   Then, make a list of any illnesses you have had in your life, in proportion to these feelings of Shock and Betrayal.

3.)   Then, make a list of any operations you have had in your life.


Relationships with Current People

Next, take a different sheet of paper and make a list of all the people you have in your life now.  And for each person on this list of people in your life, ask the following questions:

1.)   Could I allow them to be in the past?

2.)   Could I allow them to leave me?

3.)   Could I allow them to move on?

4.)   Could I allow myself to move on?

5.)    Can I realize it is over, even if it did not go the way I wanted it to?


Relationships with your Partner

Next, take a different sheet of paper, and for your new lover or Mate ask the following questions

1.)   What do I know about my partner?

2.)   What don’t I know about my partner?

3.)   What do I want from my partner?

4.)   Is this check off list mutual?

5.)   What does my partner want from me:

6.)   Is this check off list mutual?

7.)   What do I want to give my partner?

8.)   Is this check off list mutual?

9.)   What does my partner want to give me?

10.)                  Is this check off list mutual?

11.)                  What is the mutual between me and my partner?

12.)                  What is not mutual between my and my partner?

13.)                  What is the advantage of having a relationship with my partner?

14.)                  What is the disadvantage of having a relationship with my partner?

15.)                  What do I automatically like about my partner?

16.)                  What do I automatically dislike about my partner?

17.)                  If I was going to be with my partner forever and ever, with who and what they are, and the changes and unfolding they will go through, can it be my privilege to bring Joy, Openness, Loving, Kindness, and Awareness to the arising conditions of  “What’s Next”? 

When going through the questions to transform, you may find it is difficult to let go, there may blocks and stuck energy within If you feel emotions coming up, go through the 12 clearing steps to fully let go and dissolve the stories from your field completely. We have posted the 12 steps for clearing below. 

12 steps for Clearing

1.)   Become aware of the core channel

2.)   2.) dramatically act out what you are trying to suppress

Ask for more tension, intensify it.  This frees it up.

3.)   Where else do I feel sensations?

What are their exact locations, shapes, sounds?

4.)   Descending sound “ho” release, open palms into the earth, sound comes from the core

5.)   Ask for a picture of the worst case scenario of the situation, accept whatever picture arises. What is the worse that will happen from this. Remember you are not dealing with the adult self, you are dealing with frozen part of yourself at some point in time.

This is called observing the old story

6.)   Questioning the old story: you ask: “ What does this say about me?”

7.)   Feeling the old story. After understanding, limiting conclusions, judgments, then shake, discharge the energy, helps you to release the energy. Shake the whole body, shake it up.

8.)   Connect back to God. Cord of light envelopes you, again “Ho” to release. The chord of light from the throne of God envelope you.

9.)   Again observe the story, ask for another image or movie about what happened, what judgements of what happened, self judgement about yourself.

10.)                  Feel the Story again. Feelings about the judgment, observe and accept whatever comes up, pay attention to the sensations. Watch, listen to, and feel into this energy. So the thought words that arise are the movie dialogue, the feelings that arise are the soundtrack.

11.)                  Questioning the story: Ask is this really me or is it really a movie or a story I am creating and holding onto.

12.)                  Healing from the story: Relax and watch what happens to the old movie/story as it dissolves on its own. Anything left offer it up to God to be removed from your three bodies forever. 

Forgiveness Practice