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How are our Herbal Formulas Different from Traditional Chinese Herbs?
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practiced by most acupuncturists, generic formulas are used which contain a wide range of herbs that will provide some benefits for most people. But these formulas do not take into consideration your specific Body Character or your own body's underlying source of imbalance. As a result, TCM herbs are often taken for many weeks or months at a time with only gradual mild benefits. 


When you receive treatment using Body Character Medicine herbs these are still the same Chinese herbs used in TCM but because they are formulated to address the imbalances of your specific body constitution, the benefits are almost immediate. Healing occurs quickly so it is not necessary to take them for a long period of time. Ten days is a standard treatment length for a tonic formula. Of course, the more chronic or severe your illness, the longer the treatment will take, but in comparison the treatment times are much shorter than with TCM herbology.

The Oriental system of herbal medicine is based on this same philosophy, the herbs containing various proportions of each the five elements. In Korea, a unique method for prescribing herbs was developed about one hundred years ago. The herbs are chosen not only  to treat the disease but are also combined to balance the "body character" or body constitution, the unique proportions of the five elements of each individual patient.  

Our personal energy balance of the five elements is called our "body constitution  or"body-type" and this kind of herbal medicine called "body-type medicine".  This individualized system of prescribing medicine resulted from the discovery that if several people, all with the same illness and symptoms, were given the same medicine, some became well while in the others the symptoms remained the same or became worse.  This led to the approach of considering each Individual body character and prescribing  herbs for the body-type, not simply for the disease alone.  Two people with the same illness but different body-types would not be treated with the same medicine.  In Korea, this system has proved to be very effective but it is still little known in the West.  


We offer three  forms of personalized herbal formulas: raw dried, powdered, and loose leaf teas. 








To order your personalized herbal formula, it is required that you have an Energy Analysis completed first before having certain herbs and formulas recommended for you. 


After you have an Energy Analysis completed, we will be able to formulate a personalized herbal formula which is made for your specific body type.  Herbs are concentrated nourishment, and where the dis-ease is chronic or severe, ordering a herbal regimen is usually recommended to support the healing process by creating swift and deep changes in the body. 


I will now request both my Energy Analysis and my personalized herbal formula.


I completed my Energy Analysis and would like to order my Personal Herbal Formula

Personal Herbal Formula Request

4 steps to create your personalized herbal formula

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1 Request:

To order your personalized herbal formula, it is required that you have an Energy Analysis completed first so that we can base your formula according to your constitution and elemental make up.


Once we have established your body type and needs for healing and maintenance, we will set up a a meeting time with you focusing on our recommendations for your personalized herbal formula.

2 Weeks Prep with Consultation:


After you have submitted your request. We will contact you to discuss the herbal process and learn why you are requesting a personal formula at this time. We will also answer any questions you may.

  3 Testing Time

We will send you two formulas to test and we will contact you to  discuss why we are recommending these formulas and other suggestions we may have for you regarding your vision and concerns regarding your health.  

4 Final Formula

After ascertaining the formula that best supports your healing according to your body constitution and health goals and concerns. We will package it with your desired amount and instructions. We will also be on standby for questions and any concerns that come up.while the herbs are taken.