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 Healing with Foot Tapping

While living in the Zen Center, going to school completing my Masters in Chinese Medicine, I was learning from Hynoong Master Sunim and Jaguang Sunim of the five elements and Sa Sang Medicine. During that time, they also taught me the Foot Tapping method.


The Foot Tapping method is a simple and easy miracle cure for health issues. Hundreds of people testify how it helped them heal type 2 Diabetes. 

This video was filmed in Korea in my teacher's Master Hyunoong Sunim's monastery, atop the bustling and awesome city of Seoul.

Jaguang Sunim instructs as I demonstrate how to tap the sole of the foot in different places to support healing of the body and bring better balance overall. 

We are tapping around Kidney acupuncture points which has many benefits.  It supports the energy reserves of the body, cultivates yin and yang of the body, helps to heal all things associated with energetic aspects of Kidney and Urinary Bladder, its partner in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Nadis System). Tapping these points also supports better grounding and circulating of energies in the lower part of the body. This is vital for our health, since a lot of our energy  is mostly in the upper part and shallow part of the body in modern times. Tapping the foot helps to bring our energies deeper and lower, where it has been neglected. 

 Please do at least 15 minutes a day. 



Forgiveness Ritual

This is a practice we want to share with you, a practice of forgiveness that has allowed us to stay aligned with our vision of our lives. We hope that this share will support you in healing and letting go of the past and creating the life you have been envisioning in your heart. Duke wrote the poem and we created the ritual together, bringing the practice of Oponopono, poetry, and healing together.

I’m sorry, Please forgive me, thank you, I love you…

I forgive you for...


I release all magics, bindings, spells

All those I cast with pain and rage

Pride of ego I now quell:

Invoke the Light and wake the sage

Unbind the bindings wrapped on me

Dredge the well and find the key

Unwrap the wrappings, life on life

That tied me to my long-held strife


By Oak and Ash, Redwood and Thorn

I journey to where this was born

And pull it out like any weed

Uproot the root and crush the seed


I let the wound that was denied

Flow and weep, unstaunched, untied

I offer blood unto the earth

And pray transform it for rebirth


I arrogantly thought I knew

Our separateness, and spoke it true

I bow my head and bend my knee

Please forgive me, now I see

Asking Forgiveness

Invoking a procession of all beings we’ve interacted with through each of the circles of our lives, we ask for forgiveness and we forgive all things.  Invoke their presence then make the following statements. After each statement wait for the feeling of response. Do this three times for each person/being.


I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you

Offering forgiveness

Every time I experienced this myself, and for… I forgive you. I forgive you completely.


What’s done is done

It’s in the past

I choose, release,

Complete at last.


I draw three circles in the sand,

Extend my hands into the sky

Within the center where I stand

Request the Light down from on high


Fill me with this waterfall

Cleansing what was clenched and tight

Show me now forgiving's strength

With grace and love, unbound and bright


Release, forgive, unbind, and open

Awaken whole what once was broken

By hidden power of three times three

It is time now to be free


So mote it be



Forever and ever amen

We dedicate our practice for the love, freedom, and joy for all.



Removing injuries from Vaccine Protocol 

A story shared by my client, a new mother and how we helped her son heal from vaccine injury.


A controversial topic. Being a new Mother, this topic is one that I delved deep into, and found myself totally on edge by info that I found and testimonials from countless parents saying "my child was fine, then he got vaccinated, and now ..." fill in the blank.

My child's pediatrician said he never came across any case of bad reactions in his 40 years as a doctor. My opting out was making me put my child's life at risk, and on and on, bring in the supervisor to talk to me and convince me. I still resisted going on my own intuition and best judgement. Until my travel plans to Egypt this fall got another layer of pressure on me - think of the airports, airplanes, other continents, etc etc. I thought, many of my friends have their children vaccinated and they are all grand.But many of my friends have unvaccinated kids, and they are also grand. I talked it over with Leonardo's Dad and we decided to get his recommended vaccines and heres what happened my son. The very next day he could not lift his head straight for most of the day. It was fully leaned over on his right shoulder. He fell down when he tried to use his little baby walker that he's been using for months. He crashed into the wall full force because he couldn't lift his head up when he was crawling. He was cognitive and responding perfectly, but the head slump was the scariest shit I have ever seen. I called the hospital. They said it was a new 'quirky thing' he was probably trying out but to watch it.it continued. and got worse. They had no answer for me at the hospital.I cannot tell you the amount of stress it caused - not to mention the "I didn't listen to my intuition" voice that repeated over and over.  Thankfully, my best friend Grace, who I also call my 'doctor', - a Chinese medicine practitioner, nutritionist, schooled in Ayurvedic medicine and the most intuitive person I know, took 1 a look at him and said "he needs a detox immediately to remove the toxins from the vaccinations, overriding some functions right side of his brain" He did a 4 day detox that she prescribed. On day 2 of the detox the head slump was 90% gone. From day 3 onwards he was totally back to his normal little strong beautiful self. Im going to share this detox cause I know in my gut that it saved him from god knows what kind of long term damage, I shudder to even think. Every child's sensitivity is totally different, which is why some kids are fine to vaccines and others are not. The accumulation of heavy metals and toxins/preservatives that are in the vaccines are likely what was the cause of his neurological reaction, and perhaps not the vaccine itself. This detox does not remove the vaccine, but removes the toxins/heavy metals/preservatives that house the vaccine. When I talked to the hospital and told them about his miraculous healing, they were astounded and even wrote down the detox so she could share it with other parents and agreed with me that it had saved him, and she thanked me for this alternative treatment info. Its too bad eastern and western medicine don't exist in the same facility. Maybe one day they will - I sure hope so. My eternal thanks are to Grace Karuna Sky for knowing what to do   


Feel free to share this..


Castor Oil 

Bentonite Clay 

Epsom salt bath 


Edit: I forgot to mention that because he had shots in both legs, we had to alternate the vaccine area 1 leg each day, so started treatment on right leg vaccine area on day 1, left leg day 2, right day 3 and left day 4. Soles of both feet each time however).

Day 1 - put castor oil on the vaccine area, cover soles of both feet with the oil (I put on his socks then so he wouldn't fuss with the oil)leave on for 20 mins.immerse in an epsom salt bath to re-mineralize.

Day 2 - put Bentonite Clay on the vaccine area, cover soles of both feet with the clay. (It dries super fast, can get itchy. again I put the socks on him) leave on for 20 mins.immerse in an epsom salt bath to re-mineralize.

Day 3 put castor oil on the vaccine area, cover soles of both feet with the oil.leave on for 20 mins.immerse in an epsom salt bath to re-mineralize. Day 4 - put Bentonite Clay on the vaccine area, cover soles of both feet with the clay.leave on for 20 mins.immerse in an epsom salt bath to re-mineralize.

-D.K. California

Love, Forgiveness, and Healing

I also work with those who are dying. 

Orgasmic Birthing 

Yes, orgasmic birth is for real as I can testify giving birth to my daughter.  Here are some supporting docs  that I've put together to support women to heal themselves during this time supporting them to birth in a natural, empowered way themselves and their baby.

Pregnancy is a sacred time to vision, pray, and practice to  truly birth healthy, wholesome human.  

 I believe, what we don't heal within ourselves, our children will inherit.