Sacred Union

Prepatory work for Marriage



In total, we meet 6  times diving deep into all things important and essential in regards to you and your beloved, and the union you are consecrating together.  Each session is designed  to support  the couple to access healing, sharing practical tools and practices in cultivating love and harmony.  With your Energy Analysis and Relationship Compatibility charts,  we will look a synthesize our findings, looking into  your strengths and challenges as a couple and as individuals.  We will share  practices, lead guided meditations, healing rituals, and do deep dives in ways to harness the strength of love and discover the wisdom, power, and gifts of your union.  


1.) Relationship Compatibility Analysis (1)

2.) Prepatory meetings for Marriage (6)

3.) Follow up meeting after the Wedding Ceremony. (1)

Optional: Officiant of the Wedding Ceremony and Bridal Rite of Passage



Premarital Coaching
45 min

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Our most sacred pilgrimage is to the altar of love.  


Marriage can either be an experience of bondage and suffering or it can be a path of bliss and  liberation. What do you choose for your life, for your marriage?  

The answer to this question is in the manner of approach and practice. Many woes and unnecessary suffering can be avoided, prevented by preliminary work.. Like most project, the manner and the work you have done to set the groundwork for your seeds to grow is vital for your seeds to mature.  

This is the rite of passage where you take the depth and breadth of who you are and offer to your beloved. But before you do, who are you? What are you offering, and what are you envisioning of creating and how and why?  These and more we will explore. 

Lesson 0:  The Marriage of Self

Personal Energy Analysis of the Five Elements : understanding inner landscape and self as one and in relation and union with all relations,

The Commitment to Self, Healing the Varied, Storied Self

To Me I Thee Wed

 Prerequisites to entering an intimate relationship


Lesson 1:  The Principle & Function of Marriage

The cycles of Relating

Intimacy as Initiation into Love's gifts of healing

Shared path to liberation  with practical tools and practices

Marriage as a path of liberation and freedom

 Lesson 2:  The Mystery of Marriage:

Elemental Wisdom: Relationship Compatibility Analysis

The Two that are truly One, and the One that has no other.

Phases and Stages of relating- evolution of self and other,  and together

Three levels of relating and the most secret teachings of love and union,

Practices, Tools, and resources for finding Love in the Moment

 Lesson 3:  The Alchemy of Marriage:

Practical Tools for mastering the 5 energies: as a couple:  Time, Money, Health, Relationship, Joy, and creativity. 

Love, Sex, Money & Magic

Conscious Communication and Conflict Resolution

Forgiveness, Death, and Rebirth 


Lesson 4:  The Art  of Marriage: 

Artistry of creating and making love 

Creating the Mesa for the Temple of Love

Creating the Marriage Vows 

Creating and Finding Integrity and Congruence of the Two as One

Lesson 5:  The Sacred Gifts of Marriage 

Union and the Gifts of Love

Sacred Circles, Sacred Space, Sacred Living, Sacred Pace of Growth together,  Sacred Partnership 


 Bridal Blessing Way (During Bridal shower or Bachlorette)  

                    Groom Preparation ( 1 or 2 weeks before the Wedding ). 

 Follow up meeting (1 year after Wedding Ceremony)