Our mission is to support and empower the people to heal themselves and embody their true potential.  We serve to heal at the root level of suffering, addressing the whole being: spirit, energy, and body.  We  tap into a wellspring of traditional healing systems, wisdom traditions, and mystical arts such as Chinese Five Element Healing System, Sa Sang (Korean Constitutional System), Christian Mysticism, Daoist Magic, Medical Intuition, and Shamanism.

Each individual being unique and different, needing specific set of support, we personalize each session and treatments accordingly through our offers of :  Five Element Readings, Medical Intuition, Hypnotherapy, Energy Work, Soul Retrieval, Feng Shui, personalized herbal and flower essences and healing elixirs, Spirit Guide Healing and Channeling Work, Breath & Emotional Transformative work,  and  Medical Qi Gong. 



Our Offerings


Discovery Session (30min)

If new to our services, we offer a free  discovery session. This session is used to learn more about each other, answering any questions you may have about our services and explore how we can serve and support your life's vision and healing journeys. 


Relationship Compatibility Analysis 

We will spend 90 minutes together, delving into into the realities of your relationship with yourself and in partnership. We will analyze your charts to see where problems may arise in your relationship and explore ways of transforming and healing them.  1.5 hours, Investment: sliding scale from starting at  $200, depending on your financial ability. this session is valued at $350. 


Premarital Coaching 

If you are getting married, you need this!  Delving deep into all matters of the heart as an individual and in partnership. Ministerial work for Weddings is available. Each session 1.5 to 2 hours. Investment: sliding scale: $150 to $250. 


Five Element Analysis Reading

Discover your inner landscape and constitution. You will be oriented to your personal Five Element system,  accessing your body’s intelligence and its natural medicine.  Empower yourself and access the gifts and vibrancy of your life. Investment: 1.5 hours, sliding scale from starting at $200, depending on your financial ability. This session is valued at $350.


Coaching and Healing Energy Work

Reserved for those who have completed a Personal Energy Analysis and/or Relationship Compatibility Analysis and seek support through  guidance and energy healing to heal one's life and embody one's vision.  The sessions can be on a needed by basis,. monthly or quarterly. 

I have received both a personal energy analysis, as well as two relationship analyses.  As someone who has many types of training, and has worked with many of my own clients in the health / healing arena for the past 24 years, I must say, this is one of the most solely powerful tools I have found, to bring together a core analysis of holistic health. For myself, despite my best efforts, I learned of over 24 foods, beverages, and spices, I was regularly including in my diet, that were NOT in my constitution’s best interest, according to my personal energy analysis. I also learned suggestions for exercise that have proven to be superb. When I ordered my report as a birthday gift for myself in the winter of 2010, I was at a low point, living with a good deal of fatigue, and consequence left over from healing through a very serious infectious disease that had gone undetected, for over 30 years (Lyme’s disease and coinfections). I was just hoping for a little more energy -- instead, I received much more -- I have now been able to greatly increase my energy, and am continuing, still, to “heal” and improve beyond my wildest dreams. I know what to do now, to quickly recover from stress. I have a number of tools / foods that can “right” my energy, usually within 5 minutes of consumption. The input has been specific, which was needed, as I am a fairly unusual and sensitive type, apparently. The gift of gaining back my life, and my ability to participate more fully as a quality parent, and partner, is amazing.  I have recently begun to order analyses for all of my three children, to help me understand, and effectively guide my children to optimal health at a younger age. I have come to believe this will be one of the best things I will ever do for them, and I don’t say that lightly.I have also been so very happy with the energy analyses that I have purchased. They have been assisting me further in understanding how I relate to those I have commitments of various types with -- they have offered an articulation of what I can feel, underneath the surface, but haven’t been able to analyze enough to problem solve. The analysis was full of problem-solving tips, and perspective, that I don’t think I could have even received in 10 years of therapy, looking at these two relationships. The analysis has enabled me to come to a more neutral, observant, and empowered place in all of my relationships, as they are, for me, teaching tools, that support me being a more conscious, self-aware, open-hearted, and accepting man.

"Having received dozens of chart readings over the past 10 years, never have I had one so detailed and accurate such as what Grace has provided. Its been four months since the reading and even aspects I couldn't imagine coming into fruition indeed manifested.

I can truly say that Grace intuitive and practical suggestions to handle destined circumstances have been critical for my personal development and the development of my relationship. I still hear her guidance swimming in my consciousness just from that one session. 

She certainly embodies her name and passes on this "grace" to clients" so each may embrace their unique journey with as much ease possible. thank you so much Grace "


For many years I’ve suffered from debilitating PMDD during my luteal phase that manifested as unpredictable episodes of rage, interspersed with anxiety and depression. On a walk one day with Grace she mentioned she had healed her own PMDD and offered to help me with my own healing journey. After an in-depth consultation with Grace on which elements were strong and weak in my constitution, I started on my healing journey to try to eradicate my PMDD. This included a list of foods to emphasize and eliminate, Qi Gong, herbs, and using castor oil and bentonite clay each night to further detox. I was committed to try this new way, and was ecstatic that the first month my PMS was barely there. Now on my second month of using the practices, there is also barely a trace of PMS. I’ve been told many things over the years to try to cure my PMS, but nothing that addressed not only the physical, but the spiritual and psychic healing that was necessary to turn a corner with this affliction. I’m so grateful to Grace for offering this beautiful way to me at this midpoint of my life so that I can feel free of the old PMS prison, and closer to my true nature!-



"After following my energy analysis guidelines for a week, I was amazed at the profound physical, emotional, and energetic effects I experienced by changing my dietary habits. Chronic tightness and inflammation in my upper body has disappeared, and I continue to feel much more energetically balanced, grounded, and at ease. I am incredibly grateful."

I have known Grace for many years, and can attest to her brilliance as a teacher, spiritual leader, healer and chinese medicine practitioner. 

For parents reading this, I would like to share that when my 10 month old baby had severe reactions to his vaccines (could not lift his head straight for several days, it was slumped over on one side), and his doctor and hospital did not have any solution, it was Grace who immediately knew what to do, and administered a detox that cured my Son.   I strongly believe that she saved my Son from life-long damage as he was having a neurological reaction to the vaccines, which may have caused permanent damage had it not been removed from his body.


Grace has an immensely kind nature, and a highly refined intuition. Her advice, spiritual insights, and energetic analysis have always proven to be on point, and with excellent solutions to diverse situations.  


I recommend her for myriad avenues, and I would say that if you are working with her, you are very fortunate to be in the hands of a Master.


"Grace Karuna is an incredible presence. In working with Karuna, I have felt the power of her words heal me and work with me energetically. She is so loving, wise and joyful; she really cares about people and this is palpable in her work. Her connection to spirit is remarkable and she helps me reconnect to my highest calling just being in her presence. I recommend her work to anyone who is truly ready to shift something in their lives, or looking to come home to their own wholeness. "



 "My daughter had not been able to sleep for almost two years. There were unfriendly spirits always around her room and the worst nightmares.  We even moved!  I prayed for her many times asking for protection.  She had the worst bags under her eyes (she is only 16)!  Long story short:  I met with Grace, she gave me a blue bottle full of special ingredients inside to spray in her room –I did not need to know what was in it, in fact I did not even ask.   I trust Grace therefore; I did not need to ask.  I got home, waited for her to get arrive from school (excited to tell her) and before she went to sleep she spayed her room.  IT WORKED!  She finally slept all night through!!! She has been sleeping well since then  -thanks to Grace!!!  Now I have a fully alter, well rested teenager –now I am exhausted!"



...Thankfully, Grace, who I also call my 'Doctor,' Chinese Medicine practitioner, nutritionist, schooled in Ayurveda medicine and the most intuitive person I know took one look at my son (who was injured through vaccine) and knew what to do. He did a 4 day detox she prescibed. On day 2 of the detox his head slump was 90% gone. From Day 3 onwards, he was totally back to his normal little strong beautiful self.  When I talked to the hospital and told them about this miraculous healing, they were astounded and even wrote down the detox so they could share it with other parents and agreed with me that it saved his life.

My eternal thanks are for Grace and knowing what to do. 


"Sarah has now been eating her constitutional diet for about two years.  We have seen much improvement in these two years.  Sarah is still autistic and non-verbal but she is much calmer, sleeps better and is now making choices and letting us know what she wants.  The most dramatic changes for Sarah happened recently when you reclassified a few foods.  Sarah has had severe constipation for all her life, starting the diet improved this problem but she never got anywhere close to normal and never was potty trained.  Also, Sarah was wetting the bed every night which was something our family managed but would have rather lived without.   When we implemented the changes in October Sarah began to slowly improve by December she was no longer wetting the bed and then this month, for the first time in her life, she had a stool in the toilet!!  I hope you can understand just how huge this is for her and for all of us!!!!"


"Grace's session utilize her incredible intelligence regarding chinese energetic medicine, herbs, and food, as well as her insightful intuitions communicated with a depth of kindness and care. She encouraged me to change my eating patterns to better suit my constitution and to give it 3 months. 

After 3 months of eating in her suggested way as well as taking her prescribed herbs, I remember waking up one morning for the first time in my life feeling calmness in my heart. I had no idea that I had been living with chronic anxiousness until feeling the difference that morning. Her suggestions about lifestyle changes were accurate assessments of imbalances that needed to be addressed in my life. I am grateful for her wise counsel that still informs my lifestyle choices to this day."


grace sky p. jones


Grace is dedicated to spiritual embodiment and mind/energy cultivation to support sanity, joy, freedom, and love.
With more than 20 years of experience working with people in healing, training with master teachers, and consistent practice from a very young age, Grace’s offerings are a unique fusion of indigenous & ancient wisdom with modern modalities.
She  has a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, currently earning her Doctorate in Chinese Energetic Medicine.is a certified Death Doula and Five Element Astrologer. She is a certified Chinese and Western Herbalist and Medical Intuitive, Aromatherapist and Reiki Master.  Trained in various healing modalities, Shamanism, Cranial Sacral, NLP, and Healing/ Quantum Touch.  She leads meditation and facilitates rituals. She is a faculty member and educator at the School for Medicine Earth.  As a Celebrant and Minister, she officiates Rites of Passages Initiations, Birth and Bridal Blessing Ways, Weddings, and Eulogies.
As Grace joyfully shares her work with the world, she is dedicated to continuously learning and expanding her offerings for the well being of all. Currently she is earning her Doctorate in Chinese Energetic Medicine and writing three books.