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Five Element Reading Analysis 

Relationship Compatibility Analysis 

Discovery Session (30min)

If new to our services, we offer a free  discovery session. This session is used to learn more about each other, answering any questions you may have about our services and explore how we can serve and support your life's vision and healing journeys. 

Premarital Coaching     

If you are getting married, you need this!  Delving deep into all matters of the heart as an individual and in partnership. Ministerial work for Weddings is available.

Connect with our your Plant and Flower Allies 

With the guidance of love and blessings, allow the gentle power of the plants to support your healing. Meet your plant  and flower allies and learn how to work with them to discover and access deeper ways of being and healing in the world. 

We will spend 90 minutes together, delving into into the realities of your relationship with yourself and in partnership. We will analyze your charts to see where problems may arise in your relationship and explore ways of transforming and healing them.   

Discover your inner landscape and constitution. You will be oriented to your personal Five Element system,  accessing your body’s intelligence and the medicine. of your life.  Empower yourself and access the gifts  and vibrancy of your life. 

Coaching and Healing Energy Work

Reserved for those who have completed a Personal Energy Analysis and/or Relationship Compatibility Analysis and seek support through  guidance and energy healing to heal one's life and embody one's vision.  The sessions can be on a needed by basis,. monthly or quarterly. 


Our mission is to relieve suffering and empower people to heal themselves and awaken to their nature of Radiance and compassion. Our work focuses on healing at the root level of suffering,


Our work encompass a wide variety of methodology, wisdom teachings and and practical tools. Our view and practices come from the lens of The Chinese Five Element System, Sa Sang, Christian Mysticism, Daoist Magic, and Modern Mysticism. Offering Practical Meditation, Medical Intuition, Ancestral and Spirit Guide Healing and Channeling work, Breath & Emotional Transformative work,  Medical Qi Gong. 

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Our service is a gift from our heart to yours.

Personal Energy Analysis

After following my energy analysis guidelines for a week, I was amazed at the profound physical, emotional, and energetic effects I experienced by changing my dietary habits. Chronic tightness and inflammation in my upper body has disappeared, and I continue to feel much more energetically balanced, grounded, and at ease. I am incredibly grateful for the wisdom and generosity of Master Sunim, Jaguang Sunim, and Grace Jones in developing and sharing this approach and would recommend it to anyone.


Relationship Cmpatibility Analysis

Having received dozens of chart readings over the past 10 years, never have I had one so detailed and accurate such as what Grace has provided. Its been four months since the reading and even aspects I couldn't imagine coming into fruition indeed manifested.

I can truly say that Grace intuitive and practical suggestions to handle destined circumstances have been critical for my personal development and the development of my relationship. I still hear her guidance swimming in my consciousness just from that one session. 

She certainly embodies her name and passes on this "grace" to clients" so each may embrace their unique journey with as much ease possible. thank you so much Grace




Grace Karuna is an incredible presence. In working with Karuna, I have felt the power of her words heal me and work with me energetically. She is so loving, wise and joyful; she really cares about people and this is palpable in her work. Her connection to spirit is remarkable and she helps me reconnect to my highest calling just being in her presence. I recommend her work to anyone who is truly ready to shift something in their lives, or looking to come home to their own wholeness. 


Personal Elixir 

 My daughter had not been able to sleep for almost two years. There were unfriendly spirits always around her room and the worst nightmares.  We even moved!  I prayed for her many times asking for protection.  She had the worst bags under her eyes (she is only 16)!  Long story short:  I met with Grace, she gave me a blue bottle full of special ingredients inside to spray in her room –I did not need to know what was in it, in fact I did not even ask.   I trust Grace therefore; I did not need to ask.  I got home, waited for her to get arrive from school (excited to tell her) and before she went to sleep she spayed her room.  IT WORKED!  She finally slept all night through!!! She has been sleeping well since then  -thanks to Grace!!!  Now I have a fully alter, well rested teenager –now I am exhausted!