Our mission is to relieve suffering and empower people to heal themselves and awaken to their nature of radiance and compassion. Our work focuses on healing at the root level of suffering.


Our work encompasses a wide variety of methodology, wisdom teachings and and practical tools. Our view and practices come from the lens of The Chinese Five Element System, Sa Sang, Christian Mysticism, Daoist Magic, and Modern Mysticism. Offering Practical Meditation, Medical Intuition, Ancestral and Spirit Guide Healing and Channeling Work, Breath & Emotional Transformative work,  and  Medical Qi Gong. 

We have reconfigured our payment protocol to a Donation and gift exchange for our services 

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Our service is a gift from our heart to yours.


Our Offerings

Discovery Session (30min)

If new to our services, we offer a free  discovery session. This session is used to learn more about each other, answering any questions you may have about our services and explore how we can serve and support your life's vision and healing journeys. 

Relationship Compatibility Analysis 

We will spend 90 minutes together, delving into into the realities of your relationship with yourself and in partnership. We will analyze your charts to see where problems may arise in your relationship and explore ways of transforming and healing them.   

Premarital Coaching 

If you are getting married, you need this!  Delving deep into all matters of the heart as an individual and in partnership. Ministerial work for Weddings is available.

Five Element Analysis Reading

Discover your inner landscape and constitution. You will be oriented to your personal Five Element system,  accessing your body’s intelligence and the medicine. of your life.  Empower yourself and access the gifts  and vibrancy of your life. 

Coaching and Healing Energy Work

Reserved for those who have completed a Personal Energy Analysis and/or Relationship Compatibility Analysis and seek support through  guidance and energy healing to heal one's life and embody one's vision.  The sessions can be on a needed by basis,. monthly or quarterly. 


grace sky p. jones


grace is dedicated  to spiritual embodiment, mind energy cultivation,  to support sanity, joy, freedom and love.   With more than 20 years of experience in working with people in healing and  training with master teachers, and constant practice from  very young age, weaving indigenous and ancient wisdom with modern modalities, she offers a unique  Earning a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, currently earning her Doctorate in Chinese Energetic Medicine. She is a certified Death Doula and Five Element Astrologer. She is a certified Chinese and Western Herbalist and Medical Intuitive, Aromatherapist and Reiki Master.  Trained in various healing modalities, Shamanism, Cranial Sacral, NLP, and Healing/ Quantum Touch.  She leads meditation and facilitates rituals. She is a faculty member and educator at the School for Medicine Earth.  As a Celebrant and Minister, she officiates Rites of Passages Initiations, Birth and Bridal Blessing Ways, Weddings, and Eulogies.  She is ....

"Sarah has now been eating her constitutional diet for about two years.  We have seen much improvement in these two years.  Sarah is still autistic and non-verbal but she is much calmer, sleeps better and is now making choices and letting us know what she wants.  The most dramatic changes for Sarah happened recently when you reclassified a few foods.  Sarah has had severe constipation for all her life, starting the diet improved this problem but she never got anywhere close to normal and never was potty trained.  Also, Sarah was wetting the bed every night which was something our family managed but would have rather lived without.   When we implemented the changes in October Sarah began to slowly improve by December she was no longer wetting the bed and then this month, for the first time in her life, she had a stool in the toilet!!  I hope you can understand just how huge this is for her and for all of us!!!!"